Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

Poll Finds Increase In Tooth Fairy Payouts.

The Daily Mail (UK) (2/25) reports that according to a recent survey by oral healthcare company Sunstar Gum parents are now paying between $5 and up to as much as $13.25 per tooth via the tooth. The study questioned 1,000 parents across New York City, LA, Boston, Chicago and the Dallas/Houston areas. New York City had by far the highest average payout per tooth at $13.25, while Boston came in last at an average of $5.02 per tooth.

The Inquisitr (2/25) also reports the story, adding that “A Yahoo! Facebook survey on the issue of tooth fairy inflation revealed that parents felt the price for teeth today is way too high.” Meanwhile, “another recent poll, carried out by Delta Dental found that the Tooth Fairy left $225 million under kid’s pillows nationwide last year, according to CNBC.”

WTOP-FM Washington (2/25) reports that “the poll found that there were differences in the average gift for a tooth based on” the parents’ ages as well, with children of parents under 35 receiving an average of $5.40 per tooth, children of parents between 35 and 44 receiving an average of $4.24, and children of parents over 45 receiving an average of $2.45 per tooth. WTOP also reports that “Delta Dental says the poll has generally been a good indicator of the economy’s overall direction.”

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